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Since 2004 we have offered the widest selection of residential and commercial window renewal services in Southern Ontario.

Have a window problem? We can repair failed thermal windows, add interior magnetic storm windows to improve the thermal and sound insulative properties of single-pane and heritage windows, or provide complete window replacement. Not sure which solution is best for you? Schedule a free assessment and estimate.

Solution #1: Moisture Removal in Failed Windows

Failed windows? Repair them and save up to 70% over the cost of replacement!

All thermal (double pane) windows will eventually fail, resulting in:
  • Condensation / moisture / water droplets
  • Fog
  • Blue haze
  • White scales
  • Loss of insulative capacity (R-value)

Failed windows are typically replaced at a significant cost to the owner and to the environment. But now there is an alternative. The Green Window Works Solution will remove condensation / moisture / water droplets, clear out fog and haze, and improve R-value.

Our treatment is fast, inexpensive, and comes with a 20-year limited warranty.

Learn more about Green Window Works Moisture Repair.

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Solution #2: Magnetic Interior Storm Windows

Drafty windows? Try Green Window Works Interior Magnetic Storms!

By using high quality materials including architectural grade acrylic glass, an air-tight magnetic seal, and a visually harmonious design that appears nearly indistinguishable from your main window, our interior storm windows are the perfect solution for your energy efficiency needs.  Simple to put on and take off from inside your home, our windows will make it easy for you to save money.

By choosing our high-quality custom made and installed product you will:

  • Reduce air leakage around your windows
  • Reduce energy loss through your windows
  • Reduce condensation
  • Decrease noise pollution
  • Filter out UV rays
  • Prolong the life of your windows by reducing the likelihood of condensation
  • Avoid expense window replacement
  • Enjoy a superior storm window solution

Learn more about Green Window Works Interior Magnetic Storms.

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Solution #3: Window Replacement

Learn more about Green Window Works window replacement.

Solution #4: Heritage Window Restoration

Learn more about Green Window Works heritage window renewal.