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Magnetic Interior Storm Windows

Green Window Works Interior Magnetic Storm Windows are an attractive, simple, and cost-effective solution for improving the energy efficiency of your old and drafty windows. By using high quality materials including architectural grade acrylic glass, a long-lasting and air-tight magnetic seal, and a visually harmonious design that appears nearly indistinguishable from your main window, our interior storm windows are the perfect solution. In fact, our magnetic storm windows are even a great option for improving the efficiency of new “energy efficient” windows!

Green Window Works Interior Magnetic Storm Windows are a popular option for improving existing skylights, patio doors, and windows of virtually any size and shape.  From new sub-division homes to grand heritage homes, from high-rise buildings to commercial store fronts, we can easily, discretely, and inexpensively improve the energy efficiency of your windows.  This results in significant heating and cooling savings.

Out of province? Custom order kits available. Email us at info@greenwindowworks.com.

What can interior storm windows do for your home or business?

By choosing a high-quality custom made product that is properly installed you will:

  • Reduce air leakage around your windows. A costly problem in both old and new homes.
  • Reduce energy loss through your windows. While building code in Ontario requires your walls to have an insulation value of r=21, new double-pane energy efficient windows have a rating of only r=3-4.  By creating a second sealed air space, the r-value of your window increases. Combined with reduced air leakage around your windows, this can result in as much as a 400% improvement in energy efficiency!*
  • Reduce condensation on both single and multi-pane windows.
  • Decrease noise pollution (typically 60% - 70%).
  • Filter out UV rays.
  • Prolong the life of your windows by reducing the likelihood of condensation forming within it.
  • Avoid expensive window replacement by transforming failed windows, low efficiency windows, and beautiful old heritage home windows into energy-efficient ones.
  • Enjoy a superior storm window solution that is (1) easier to install and remove than exterior storm windows, (2) has a much smaller chance of condensation forming since the surface temperature is close to room temperature, and (3) prolongs the life of your main window by reducing the likelihood of condensation forming within it.

Why choose Green Window Works Interior Magnetic Storms?

  • Superior product.  We use high quality window-grade acrylic glass, flexible long-lasting and air-tight magnetic seals, and other durable materials to construct your custom interior storm solution.
  • Superior value.  We do more than just magnetic storms.  This allows us to reduce overhead costs and achieve deeper discounts with our suppliers - resulting in great pricing for our customers.
  • Superior service.  We understand that customer service is our business. We have been providing superior window products to Ontario since 2003. In this time we have built a well-recognized, brand, a long list of satisfied customers, and a strong business that relies on word-of-mouth.

How do Green Window Works Interior Magnetic Storms work?

Simple.  We will install discrete metal brackets (white/black/brown) around your window frame.  In the experience of our customers, most people do not notice these brackets which appear indistinguishable from the main window. Your custom interior storm window will magnetically attach to these brackets through a flexible magnetic seal similar to what is used to keep your fridge door shut - and the cold air trapped.  In this way the storm window is both firmly affixed to your main window, and at the same time very easy to pull off and put on.  That’s it! 

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