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Window Replacement: We Do That Too

The average thermal window installed today typically lasts less than 10 years. After this time, moisture build-up gradually occurs resulting in an obstructed view, permanent whitening of the glass, and reduced insulative capacity (R-value).

We can usually repair this moisture using our cost-effective and environmentally friendly moisture repair process. Unfortunately, not every window can be saved. There are also aesthetic or functional reasons why some owners would like to replace their windows. That's OK, we do that too.

Window Replacement You Can Trust

We work with one of the largest manufacturers of commercial and residential windows and doors in Ontario. With a wide selection of types, styles, and customizations to choose from, we can address nearly any residential or commerical glass replacement need.

We offer no-pressure sales, and alternatives to costly window replacement that other contractors can't offer you. Could a window be saved by our less expensive moisture repair process? We'll let you know. Would adding a discreate magnetic interior storm window reduce the draft and noise, or allow you to save a heritage window? We'll let you know that too.

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