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With today’s thermal windows lasting an average of only 10 years, millions of these units are replaced each year at a significant cost to the owners, and to the environment. Most people are unaware that there is a viable, cost-effective, and green alternative. Join us and help us spread the word!

Green Window Works is seeking individuals who share our business and work ethic to help us expand into new markets. As a Green Window Works Certified Dealer, you will provide a valuable and recognized service that effectively sells itself.

We offer a complete no-nonsense dealership package. No prior experience is required whatsoever – just an enthusiastic attitude and an honest and dedicated approach.

Our package includes:
  • A successful and proven business model
  • A successful and proven business brand
  • Training
    • Hands-on technical training
    • Hands-on marketing training
    • Business logistics and operations training
  • Business development materials
    • Complete marketing materials
    • Complete business logistics and operations materials
  • Client leads
    • Listing on our website
    • 1-800 number
    • Regional advertising
  • Support
    • On-going business coaching
    • Refresher training
    • Materials and supplies
  • Starter Kit
    • Tools
    • Materials and supplies
  • Our warranty
  • Access to new products and services
Our continued success depends on your success!

As a certified dealer, you will be a representative of Green Window Works. Consequently, our success depends on your success. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, the effectiveness of our process, and the excellence of our customer service. All of our dealers will be trained and coached to achieve this high standard.

In order to ensure your success, the Green Window Works Dealership model is:
  • Affordable.
  • Profitable. Whether you choose to grow your business, or keep it small, the Green Window Works business model demonstrates proven profitability.
  • Fast. Our training enables immediate start-up, to get you profitable faster.
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